Looking After Your Lash Extensions & How to make them last longer.

Looking After Your Lash Extensions & How to make them last longer.

September 13, 2017


Following your Extend Lash Extensions treatment, we recommend professional top-up treatments every 2-3 weeks.  Why every few weeks? Because your natural lashes have a lifecycle of around 90 days, and are constantly shedding, which will cause your lash extensions to naturally fall off also. The maintenance procedure simply adds extra individual extensions to those places where your natural lashes have completed their lifecycle – keeping your stunning new look in tip-top condition.



  • For the first 48 hours after any Extend treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your lashes
  • For 2 days afterwards do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water
  • Do not use waterproof mascara
  • Use oil free make-up remover if mascara is worn (only use a water-based mascara)
  • Do not attempt to perm or use lash curlers on Nouveau Lashes extensions
  • Don’t rub your eyes when washing your face – always pat the lashes dry after cleansing
  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetics)
  • Ask your Nouveau Lashes technician for expert advice in how best to look after your choice of lashes



Eyelash extensions are a saviour for those of us who aren’t blessed with naturally long lashes. Instead of spending precious time in the morning curling and applying (numerous) coats of mascara to our eyelashes, we can simply spend an hour of our free-time at the salon letting a lash technician do their magic.

At Nouveau Lashes we are eyelash extension experts, so we’ve compiled some of our top aftercare tips for making your lash extensions last longer.

Avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours

 After your extensions have been applied and you’re looking gorgeous, stay away from water and steam until 48 hours have passed! During this period, the glue is still setting, and if your lashes are disturbed or exposed to water, they could fall out early. You can still shower, just make sure you don’t put your head under the water and whatever you do, don’t rub your eyes!


Sleep on your back

 This might be hard if you’re used to sleeping on your front, but sleeping with your face pressed against the pillow is a no-no if you want your extensions to last. All that pressure on your lashes can make them fall out, so sleep on your back from now on.


Use oil-free cleansing products

 When taking off your make-up or cleansing your eyes, use oil-free products, as the oil can affect the bonds of your eyelash extensions. The oil-free Lash Cleansing Kit has been specifically formulated for use on the eye area.

To remove eye make-up use a cotton bud with oil free make-up remover and lightly smooth across lash line.

Every 2/3 days you should cleanse you eyelid and lashes to avoid infection and insure nice deathly lashes  Simply use you cleansing brush with lid and lash cleansing foam from your after care pack and gently brush in circular downwards motions to the closed eye area.

Brush them morning and night

Using a clean mascara wand, brush your eyelashes morning and night to keep them in the right place and looking pristine.


Have a top up every 2-3 weeks

No matter how careful you are with your eyelash extensions, you will naturally lose them over time due to your lash cycle. To keep your extensions looking their best, go back to the salon every 2-3 weeks for an infill.