🌸Lash Extensions🌸

As a Lash Technician I have been applying lashes for over 8 years. I have been a qualified Master Lash Stylist for 3 years and I am pleased to offer you a complete service for the amazing Mega Volume, Russian Volume Technique or Classic Lash Extensions-from consultation to treatment, to aftercare & maintenance.

All eye shapes are different so with the help of my photos, finding out what look you are hoping for and showing you the lashes we will come up with the perfect set just for you!

The state of the art semi-permanent lash extensions that give longer,  natural looking lashes. Soft and curved lashes have a flat base and a fine polished tip just like natural lashes. They are virtually weightless and applied to your natural lashes individually. Your extensions will fall with your natural lashes as part of the 90 day lash cycle, although this in increased in Spring & Autumn due to the natural lash shed.  This will only last though for about 3 to 4 weeks but you may need have more regular infills during this time.

2/3 week maintenance is recommended for classic lashes and 3 weeks for volume.

Classic Lash Extensions is were one extension is applied to one natural lash, you may need a more regular infill due to less lashes applied and gaps becoming more obvious sooner than with the volume lashes.

2D to 6D Volume Lashes is were more than 2-6 much finer lashes are applied to one natural lash.

Mega Volume Lash sets give a much denser look-where by more lashes are applied to the natural lash but the weight of the extensions applied are much finer ensuring there natural lash & follicle are protected.

  • Full Set Classic (Approx 1.5- 2 hrs)
  • Infill (within 2/3 weeks) (45 minutes)
  • Full Set Russian Volume (3hrs>)
  • Russian Volume Infills-45mins (3 weeks)
  • Mega Volume (3-4hrs)

Please note: Extra time on infill is charged at £22 per 30 minutes which must be booked in advance.

You should have 50% of your lashes still remaining for normal infill time prices!  If our lashes are less than 50% or beyond 3 weeks a full set may be required.

*A Patch Test is required 48hrs before your treatment.