Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with absolute clarity concerning the limited data that I store at Essence Sussex, how I use that data to deliver my services, and how I store and manage it.

In summary at Essence Sussex we securely store limited contact information, medical information provided by you to protect your wellbeing, and order history.  

Contact Information

I use the contact information to send you promotions, offers & Product Information  (for which you may opt out at any time), or to contact you to discuss an upcoming visit or request. We do not use this data for any other purpose.

Contact information is stored on paper if you have completed a Client Record Card during a visit to the Salon.

Contact information may also be stored securely online if you volunteer this information when placing an order for a treatment or product on my website or in the salon. In these instances data is held by our web hosting provider Shopify on Cloud infrastructure provided by 123-Reg. 

Finally if you signed up to our mailing list then your contact information may also be stored by our mailing service provider Mailchimp. 

Shopify, 123-reg, and MailChimp have all issued statements confirming their GDPR compliance. 

Medical Information

We may store limited medical information in paper form only, for up to 7 years to comply with our BABTAC insurance policy after which time the information is shredded and disposed. 

This is a legislative requirement driven by a concern for your wellbeing in the unlikely event that you experience a negative reaction to one of the products used in the salon. We only use the very best products and wherever appropriate insist on a patch testing prior to treatment so this is not something a client has experienced so far! 

This medical data is stored solely to meet this legislative requirement. This information is captured only when you complete a Client Record Card where it remains offline and is stored securely under lock and key at our salon. This information will only be shared where necessary and with your consent. 

Order History

Order history is captured along with any contact details you have provided when you place an order online or via our Point Of Sale (POS) at the salon.

We use this data to guide the development of my products and treatments to better meet your needs and for financial management of the business. 

Order information is stored securely online with my web hosting provider Shopify on Cloud infrastructure provided by 123-Reg, both of whom are fully GDPR compliant.