January Lip Tip!

January Lip Tip!

January 23, 2017

Monday Morning Lip Tip.

Good morning,

I hope you had a gorgeous weekend-so cold and sunny-my favourite for this time of year-in fact I had the open fire lit at 8am yesterday morning-such a lovely lazy day-apart from the work out!!!!!  I even managed to read the newspaper-a bit bewildered by the 2nd page of The Sunday Times-A 99.5% blank page advertising Calvin Klein-not sure of the thought process behind that but hey they have just got mentioned in my blog-maybe thats their angle-is any mention a good mention?!!!!

So as lovely as it is this weather can wreck havoc with our skin so we really need to spend a little time looking after No.1- then you can go ahead and look after everyone else in your life:)

The odd massage or facial can do just the trick-you get to relax, have a little you time and walk out with great skin:)  You always get a great glow after my Decleor Facials!

Dry Cracked Lips
This works great for me!
Buy a separate toothbrush, after cleansing your skin pop a little cleanser onto your lips and gentle brush-this removes any dead skin cells-encouraging new fresh skin cells and then apply your Decleor Lip Balm-I have 3 going on-one in the car, one in my gym bag and one in my "Kitchen To Go" display-not really a display but more of a mish-mash of those things you need before you step out the door-hand cream-lipstick, Parking coin, eraser (Kids always need an eraser!)-the list goes on!!

I have only a few lip balms left and I am offering them today for only £8 (RRP £12.00)

(Salon Pick up only)

This balm nourishes the feel of lips with moisture, and protects from dryness. Its luxuriant texture melts on the lips; they feel supple and soft, with restored comfort.
Enriched with Marjoram essential oil, Shea butter and Macadamia oil.

7g of this gorgeous balm will last for a long time:)

Lots of excellent value on selected treatments available only until the end of January and then you have a whole year to use-book in for some "You Time"

Have a super week,

Cheryl xxx